5 Ways to Build Rapport With Your Interviewer

Job interviews are stressful. But don’t let your nerves get the better of you. What follows are five tips that will help you put your best foot forward in the interview.

1. Make small talk.

First, tell the hiring manager that’s it’s a pleasure to meet him or her and that you’re excited about the job opportunity. If the hiring manager doesn’t launch directly into interview mode, feel free to ask a quick question to show your interest by asking something like, “how long have you worked for the company?”

2. Engage.

The best interviews are those that are not completely one-sided. You want a back and forth in which you ask questions as well as answer them. If you need to write down a reminder on your notepad as the interviewer is talking, that’s fine. Another way to demonstrate your interest is to refer back to something that was said earlier.

3. Inject your personality.

Show your sense of humor, and let the hiring manager see your smile or hear your laugh. These are positive gestures that can enhance rapport between you. Don’t resort to jokes to show your humor, but if there is a place in the conversation where it feels appropriate to say something funny and politically correct, don’t hold back.

4. Ask questions.

While you should interact with the interviewer throughout the conversation, you absolutely must ask at least one question at the end. During the interview, ask for clarification on things you’ don’t understand. This is not a mark against you, but rather shows the hiring manager that you’re listening. Asking follow-up questions during and at the end of the interview accomplishes both of these things. Make sure that when you walk out the door you understand what the job entails.

5. Show gratitude.

Tell the interviewer how much you’ve enjoyed the conversation and that you hope to hear from him or her soon. Be sure to ask for a business card or email address if you don’t already have it. Write a thank you email, and send a handwritten thank you note in the mail the following day. Mention something from your conversation that sparked further interest in joining the company.

The interview is your chance to show your personality, which is something that cannot be gleaned from a written job application. Establishing good rapport with your interviewer will help you feel at ease during the interview and increase the likelihood that you will be invited back for a second round of interviews.

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At Select Staffing, we work hard to provide you with the best employment opportunities available. We have extensive knowledge and established relationships with the top employers in the Chicago area. Whether you are seeking a temporary job or a permanent position, Select Staffing can help you get situated in a job that’s uniquely suited to your needs. Contact one of our seasoned business development specialists today for more information on our open opportunities.

4 Ways To Prep For Your First Day At Work

You just accepted that job offer and you’re excited to start a new opportunity with a new business. Your time to make a great, professional impression is not over. Your first day is a time to demonstrate to your supervisor and your teammates that you are the perfect person for this job. Here are three things you can do on your first day to make a great impression.

Don’t Be Late.

Before you tart the job, make sure that you have your transportation and commute figured out. You may have already been to the office for an interview but the drive may be quite different during rush hour traffic. Make sure you have enough gas, you’ve maintained your car to prevent unnecessary breakdowns, and you can arrive at the company at least 15 minutes early. Have a backup plan in place just in case. Being late on your first day will be an immediate red flag for your new employer and they may question if they’ve made the right decision.

Know The Dress Code.

Observe the dress code in the office. Ask the hiring manager about policies and see if there is anything specific in the employee hand book. Even if a company is casual, it doesn’t mean that sloppy clothes are okay. Plan your first day outfit the night before. Make sure nothing is stained or damaged. Err on the side of professional the first day so you can get a better feel for the office culture. Wear comfortable shoes because you may be touring the office.

Bring A Notebook And Ask Questions.

There is a lot of training that goes into on boarding a new employee. Your supervisor and coworkers will need to show the ins and outs of how to do your job, but will also tell you about the company culture and other intangible things about the company. Have a notebook and a pen on you at all times so you can write down what you learn. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or for clarification on certain items so you can get them right the first time.

Meet Everyone You Can.

Be sociable and friendly but not distracting. Introduce yourself to everyone you’ll be working with and to anyone in management you might come across. You never know who will be able to help you along as your work with this company.

About Select Staffing

At Select Staffing, we work hard to provide you with the best employment opportunities available. We have extensive knowledge and established relationships with the top employers in th Chicago area. Our clients know that we are experts at staffing and recruiting, so when they have job openings, they come to us for their workforce needs.

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5 Questions That Tell You Everything About A Candidate

Effective interviewing techniques are the cornerstone of hiring. Managers should engage with the candidate, allow them to share their background information, and get a feel for them as an employee. The best way to do that is to ask very specific questions.

Here the top 5 questions that can tell you everything you need to know about a candidate.

What makes you motivated?

You want to know what makes an employee click. You need to hear how they interact with a team, what kind of office environment they prefer, and how they handle stress. Finally, you need to see if their motivators are a match to your company culture.

What do you excel at on the job?

The job duties really have very little to do with abilities. Everyone works differently to get results. You want to know what they are really good at. This may make a difference in your office environment and how they are able to complete a necessary project.

Did your last job make you happy?

Often managers lead with the question about why someone left their last position. Job seekers are coached to be as positive as possible. Asking this question will make them pause and answer honestly. You may be able to see patterns of behavior that don’t work for you or that show your environment is a good fit.

Why do you want to work for us?

You never want to hire someone who is vague on why they want to be somewhere. The right candidate should be excited about the opportunity that you are presenting, not just any paying job.

Tell me about a time when..?

Finally, you want to get an idea about how the candidate will react with situations that occur regularly within your business. Design a scenario that has actually happened and for which you know the outcome. Listen to how they say they would handle it.

Are you looking for the perfect candidate for your job opening? Select Staffing focuses on matching the specialized employment needs of administrative, clerical and office professionals with the evolving demand for their skills at businesses of all sizes. When you need to find a uniquely qualified candidate, we are able to act fast and deliver the precise administrative and clerical talent you need to keep your business on track. Contact one of our seasoned business development specialists today for more information on how we can get started working together.

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